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Our Autumn Magazine is out now!  A copy will drop through your letter or email box any day now.  We hope you enjoy it and that you find something new to interest you.  We'd love to receive your feedback and any suggestions for future Magazines.  Get in touch by emailing us on [email protected] or calling 0191 208 2701. 


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Older People Working for Older People...

The Elders Council is a group of people who are interested in having a say about how to make Newcastle a great city in which to grow old. We do this in a variety of ways - peer research, arts projects, focus groups and regular meetings with service providers and policymakers.

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Featured Projects

#Age Proud Newcastle

For #AgeProudNewcastle this October we’re celebrating ageing well and keeping connected.

It’s an opportunity to stop and recognise people’s contributions and what we across our communities can do to support each other and drive change.

Organisations in Newcastle have worked together to produce an #AgeProudNewcastle brochure which we are delivering to older people in the city to give them information and ideas about how to join in the celebration.  Look for a copy in our Reports section. 

To celebrate we want your nominations for Newcastle’s Age Proud Champions.  Enter here: 

We’d love to hear about the people making a difference in your communities and share their stories.

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