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Welcome to the Elders Council website.  Our special feature this month is:

Awards for All: Creative Community Conversations on Ageing

You’ll be very pleased to hear that we have been successful in gaining some funding for the next year from the Big Lottery Funding Body. We are calling the project “Creative Community Conversations on Ageing”, which is a bit of a mouthful but we couldn’t find a snappier one. What we’re proposing to do is to undertake a project which enables us to engage with a wider range of people to broaden the socio-economic, cultural and gender mix of the membership.  Click here to read more ...


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Older People Working for Older People...

The Elders Council is a group of people who are interested in having a say about how to make Newcastle a great city in which to grow old. We do this in a variety of ways - peer research, arts projects, focus groups and regular meetings with service providers and policymakers.

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Featured Projects

Dementia Friendly Cinema

Dementia Friendly Cinema is a project being developed by the Tyneside Cinema. The idea for the project came from the Elders Council who have been thinking about what would make it possible for people with dementia and their carers to enjoy the cultural life of the city.

Tyneside Cinema welcomed the opportunity to work with the Elders Council and has quickly put in place a project group with a wide range of expertise in working with people with dementia.

A survey was conducted and findings will be used to assist with the pilot project.  Further details to follow.

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