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Welcome to the new look Elders Council website. Our special feature this month is:

Staying Connected

Staying Connected is a small grants fund managed by the Elders Council with Age UK Newcastle.  It is open to individuals and organisations with an idea which will enable older people to 'stay connected'.  We are delighted with the responses so far, some of which have come from organisations that may not traditionally work with older people.  If you have an idea which you think would encourage older people to ‘stay connected’, don’t delay: complete an application form now (link).  We will be celebrating with all the successful projects on Tuesday 1st April 2014.  If you would like more information email or  telephone 208 2701.

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Older People Working for Older People...

The Elders Council is a group of people who are interested in having a say about how to make Newcastle a great city in which to grow old. We do this in a variety of ways - peer research, arts projects, focus groups and regular meetings with service providers and policymakers.

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Featured Projects

Bridging the Gaps

Bridging the Gaps is an initiative to promote social inclusion and reduce loneliness for older people. 

We have looked at current research about the types of activities which help people to stay involved, including hosting a workshop with the National Development Team for Inclusion on 'Not a one way street - Research into older people's experiences of support based on mutuality and reciprocity.' 

We are working with older people in Jesmond and Throckley to develop stronger networks between local older people's groups and to stimulate new activity. 

We have started a monthly coffee morning on Wednesdays at the Milecastle in the centre of Newcastle.  It's open to anyone to come along for a chat and stimulating conversation.

In Autumn 2013 we launched a small grants programme with Age UK Newcastle.  It is called 'Staying Connected' and  offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to test out new ideas which will appeal to people who might otherwise find it hard to keep up their social networks.  We will be sharing the learning from the projects at an event on 1 April 2014.

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Upcoming Events

Mile Castle Social Get Together

Monthly social get togethers at the Mile Castle, the public house right on the corner of Westgate Road and Grainger Street.

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