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About Bruce Davenport

I am a lecturer and researcher in the School of Arts & Cultures at Newcastle University. I have a mixed background having previously worked as part of the Learning Team at the Laing & Shipley Art Galleries (in Newcastle & Gateshead, respectively) and, before that, as a researcher in Engineering Metallurgy. My current research work is largely concerned with the impact that various forms of cultural activity have in the lives of older people which, I hope, will be part of my contribution to the Elders Council.

I joined the Elders Council Board of Trustees in September 2021 because I was hoping to ‘give back’ in some form and there appeared to be a good match between the work of the Council and the work that I do as a researcher. As yet, I don’t have a particular role within the Board. However, I hope that my experience in research and evaluation will be of use when the EC team come to evaluate the impact of their work.

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