About Esther Salamon

I have worked in the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) for over thirty-five years and have considerable experience developing and managing collaborative projects that address issues of social concern and create improvements with/for people and communities. Areas of expertise include developing multi/interdisciplinary arts projects, board/governance development, project and organisational development, fundraising and strategic planning/review. I have also been an adviser to several Trusts and Foundations.


In addition to being a Trustee of Elders Council, I am also a Non-Executive Director of Communities CAN (a company supporting community-led housing projects in north east England). Finally, for the past few years I have been developing ‘Independent Creative Living’ - a housing initiative for primarily (but not exclusively) older artists and other creative people who wish to move into a smaller home, maintain their independence and creative production in a mutually supportive environment, and continue contributing their skills and knowledge to the vitality of a neighbourhood, community and region.