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Communications and Learning

We work hard to ensure that older people in the city are well informed about what the organisation is doing and about the services and opportunities available.  We do this in a variety of ways and all the work is done by our members.   

Reviewing and learning

In spring 2023 a team of students from Northumbria University Business School worked with us to conduct an audit and evaluate our operations to help identify areas for improvement.  It was a very successful project and we have already implemented many of their recommendations.  You can read blogs about the project from the students here and Elders Council here.


With support from dedicated volunteers in the Tech4Good team at Accenture Newcastle, we have been able to co-develop our new website.

Our Communications team set out to create a fresh look and a new way of telling people about our work. 

We wanted the website to be easy to use, and one that our volunteers and staff are able to keep up to date easily. 

The team, led by Simon Wilson for the last 12 months, worked with us to decide how the site would look and supported our learning to use “Wix”. 

We would like to thank Simon, and all the volunteers from Accenture, for working tirelessly to turn our ideas into reality.


Our quarterly Magazine is available on line and in hard copy.  We have an editorial group who are members that write for and edit the Magazine, led by Mary Nicholls.  


Our e-bulletin comes out twice a month and is put together by Anne Raffle and Mary Nicholls.  It’s packed with information about our work, events, activities and opportunities to participate in research and consultations. 

Older Voices (radio)

The Older Voices team, led by Steve Whitley, deliver a fortnightly radio show on Nova Radio on the first and third Fridays of the month between 2.00 – 4.00 pm.  It’s interesting and fun and new members are always welcome.  Catch up on the Later Life Audio and Radio Network LLARCooperative's Stream | Mixcloud.  Age-friendly case study:

Social Media

We use facebook and twitter to reach a wider audience and raise our profile.  Follow us and like us!

EC Rider

Put together by Bill Harbottle, this booklet is a little gem which we publish each year to give you ideas of where you might go using your concessionary bus pass, Gold Card and Senior Railcard.

Get involved

If you have skills and experience in communications and would like to volunteer some time to get involved in this area of our work, please get in touch. 

Listening and Learning

We regularly participate in webinars and seminars on ageing issues, keeping ourselves up to date with the latest insights and innovations on ageing and contributing our knowledge and expertise by presenting at these events.

Most of all we learn by listening to the experiences of older people and are always interesting in hearing what people have to say. 

This lecture about ageism during covid by Professor Tom Scharf of Newcastle University is an example of the seminars we attend. 

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