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About Anne Raffle 

I am a born and bred Geordie and have had a long career in local Public Service and the NHS.


Following retirement I became more involved in the local community, where I currently volunteer with my GP practice and the local Clinical Commissioning Group as a patient/carer representative. I also contribute to VOICE Global and National Institute for Health Research, providing a patient perspective of Health services.


I did volunteer in a local heritage museum, meeting and greeting visitors, but had to give this up due to ill health.


In 2014 I became a member of the Elders Council, joining the Housing, Health and Social Care group, sharing my experiences in Health and Safety and Risk Management.

After completing an Active Voices course in 2018 I became a Trustee, then in 2019 I was honoured to be elected as Chair. I aim to ensure that the trust put in me, by my peers and EC members, is well placed.


The Elders Council is a respected and trusted organisation giving those over the age of 50 an opportunity to be heard.


It is a privilege to represent all members in local and national conversations about ageing and equality.

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