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About John Telfer

I trained and worked as a lawyer but whilst I continue to be a firm advocate of the principle of being ‘law-abiding’, I soon became disillusioned with much of the practice of law – an adjective that could also be used to describe my life-long support of Newcastle United. 

I then spent many years working to increase awareness of the barriers to equal access faced by disabled people. As a person with an invisible disability it quickly became apparent that this large group of individuals face a great many barriers.

I feel strongly that many barriers faced by people with disabilities, also face older people. Uneven pavements, small signage, and a lack of accessible transport are just three areas.  The Centre of Newcastle is currently undergoing a considerable amount of refurbishment and it is essential that we ensure that the City’s friendliness towards its older and disabled citizens is built upon – a truly inclusive City welcomes everyone of all ages and abilities.

I was involved in the All Age Friendly City Centre project and the report into Paddy Freeman’s park. I work with Urban Green Newcastle representing the Elders Council, and sit on the panel monitoring the trial of e-scooters in Newcastle.

Apart from supporting Newcastle United, in my spare time I enjoy a lot of other sports – these days mostly as a spectator, music, and drama. 

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