About Mary Nicholls

My paid working life was spent in education mainly in primary schools but also in inspection of Initial Teacher Training.

When I retired, I became a school governor and trained as a volunteer advocate for people with mental health difficulties as well as discovering and joining the Elders Council. I enjoy singing in a local choir; playing in a steel band and loving the gigs with the band. Calligraphy, the art of beautiful writing, is my other hobby and for many years I have been keeping fit through Pilates classes.

Currently I’m a Trustee of the Elders Council, and for several years I held the post of Chair of the organisation. I now lead on communications across all of our outlets. I’m interested in how older people are perceived working to remove the stereotyping and re-balancing the ageing agenda to show older people as positive assets to their communities. I aim to make a robust contribution and give older people a strong voice that may influence decision makers in our city.